Switch off from everyday life or round off your holiday with a visit to our sauna area and enjoy your time out in our wellness area. 

Here you will find the perfect balance to your everyday life.

The adjoining relaxation room offers comfortable loungers to unwind.

Let yourself fall in the wonderfully harmonious atmosphere of our refuge – this is how you forget everyday life and find sensual relaxation.

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Wellness and relaxation massages

Take some time out – pamper yourself to your heart’s content & enjoy relaxation for body and soul.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a soothing massage and place yourself in the hands of our mobile wellness therapist Julia Rohde.

LavaShell® Massage – the perfect heat massage

Why you should definitely try the LavaShell® massage

Why you should definitely try the LavaShell® Massage

Our goal is to offer you the best wellness massages and products in the world.
That’s why we carry the LavaShell® massage. This extraordinary massage uses real clams.
Each LavaShell® is prepared from the shells of consumed clams. These have been harvested for many centuries by islanders in the South Pacific for their daily food.
Each shell is handpicked, carefully cut and polished. This reveals their natural brilliance hidden within.

Recover from everyday life

The LavaShell® massage takes you on an unforgettable journey. The warmth of the shells relaxes tense muscles.
The soothing scent of the exotic massage oil calms your soul and embraces your senses.
Let yourself be carried away by the flowery frangipani scent, delicate hibiscus nuances, the intense aroma of tiare blossoms or the freshness of Pure Coconut.
Choose your massage oil for your exclusive LavaShell® massage. The oils and lotions are perfect for home care – for every day!

Let yourself be pampered

If you appreciate the soothing effects of a heat massage, then you will love the new LavaShell® Massage. If you haven’t tried a heat massage yet, now is the time to find out what you’ve been missing out on.

Our Tip:

A feel-good massage is always a special gift for any occasion. Match it with the unique music of Fiji.

Discover your perfect massage

Book your LavaShell® massage today and find out about Pacific Spirit’s exotic massages and skincare products at the same time, such as the Fijian-inspired face and décolleté massage, the flower massage for the foot, the wellbeing back massage with warm energy magnetic stones or the Exotica pampering programme for your hands.

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Wellness massages

Wellness back massage 30 minutes, 42.00 €

Wellness full body massage 60 minutes, 72,00 €

Foot zone massage 30 minutes, 42.00 €

All massages are inclusive of 5min after-rest time.

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Lavashell back massage 30 minutes, 55,00 €
Lavashell full body massage 60 minutes, 85.00 €

With the Lavashell massage you will encounter a fascinating combination of massage, warm oil and the soothing effect of hot clams.

All massages are inclusive of 5min after-rest time.

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Upanahasveda back massage 30 minutes 45.00 €
Takes the weight off your back and shoulders

Abhyanga full body massage 60 minutes € 75.00
Warm oil conveys security and vitality

All massages are inclusive of 5min after-rest time.

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